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Numerous factors are taken into consideration by Utah family law courts when determining the terms of child support agreements. No matter if you have physical custody of your child or not, it can be incredibly helpful to be familiar with the major components used to establish the appropriate amount of child support owed in most cases.

For people who are unable to pay child support, there may be diverse issues to consider. Sometimes, people refuse to pay child support, which can lead to harsh consequences such as time behind bars and fines. In Salt Lake City, and all over Utah, those who are unhappy about their child support obligations may want to look into modifying their child support order or other solutions.

If you have fallen behind on child support, or are worried that you will become delinquent soon, it is vital to carefully assess your circumstances at once. In Salt Lake City, and all other parts of Utah, falling behind on child support payments can have serious repercussions that completely upend your life. For example, you may be taken into custody, required to pay stiff financial penalties or lose your passport, to name just a few of the consequences.

When it comes to tax season, people often have all sorts of questions. However, if you recently split up with your spouse, you may have even more uncertainties. For example, you could be wondering if child support payments that you have received are taxable. In Salt Lake City, and every other part of Utah, it is crucial for you to familiarize yourself with all of your post-divorce obligations, which may include understanding how your divorce will affect your tax return.

On this blog, you can find a number of posts that explain some of the consequences that come with missing child support payments, such as being taken into custody and facing steep fines. However, in Salt Lake City, and other places in Utah, back child support could affect you in other ways that you may not be aware of. For example, this dilemma could result in you being unable to leave the country.


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