Child CustodyCustody Disputes And Your Child’s Passport

February 19, 20170

If you have recently gone through a divorce, or are thinking about how splitting up with your marital partner could affect you, many considerations may be in front of you, such as dividing your marital property, alimony, relocation and a host of other matters. Whether you live in Salt Lake City, or another Utah region, you may also be facing custody matters, which can affect you and your child in various. For example, your child may interfere with your child’s ability to obtain a passport. At Just Law, we understand how stressful divorce and custody disputes may be, especially for couples who have children.

According to the Department of State, minors may have their passports denied if their parents are going through a custody dispute. Under the Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program, the Department of State is able to ask for written requests from a child’s parents prior to issuing their passports. If you suspect that someone will attempt to abduct your child and take him or her to another country, you should reach out to the Office of Children’s Issues at once.

Each of a minor child’s parents are able to obtain information regarding the issuance of their child’s passport, so long as their parental rights were not terminated. If you have any concerns about your child obtaining a passport, you should review your rights and obligations right away.

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